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February 18, 2005


Lisa, I recently posted an entry called "Let's Change the Way We Hire Talent, Okay" and talk about how the hiring process is broken from the applicant standpoint. Currently being on that side of the process, I find it frustrating when I hear from potential employers, "You have some wonderful talents that we could use, but unfortunately we don't have a position for you." It's precisely what you say here:

-Application processes that evaluate and eliminate people based on job requirements might be eliminating many great candidates. Lots of brilliant people have nontraditional career histories.

Maybe it's folks like us who need to be the radical advocates who go into companies and start to shake the pillars of the traditional hiring process. You game?

If I said "yes, I'm game!" without a qualification, it might not be genuine. You see, I have been at the top of the HR org chart and I fell into many of the pitfalls that I listed. It was a small but highly seasonal business, so my recruiting resources were low, but applicant flow (due to posting on websites and ads) was high.

If I were to take a position in a company today, I can say that I would look at the recruiting and hiring processes differently. So I am NOW game to try and make a positive difference by being a radical advocate.

Thansk for your thoughts and good luck on your search!

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