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September 08, 2005


That's great!!! . . I feel passionately inspired

"Intimacy" is accepted as far as salespeople are concerned. Once a lot of professionals view themselves as salespeople, this concept should naturally migrate to their own behavior. I guess the change has to take place in how professionals view their role.

I agree; Never Eat Alone has a lot to offer! I found it very helpful.

The comment about sales people and professionals in the comment above has me thinking, which is usually good! Grin. We have seen ethical breakdown's among professionals in recent years; teachers with their students, accountants with their clients. Is it due in part to a lack of intimacy among certain professions? How can you hold people accountable if you keep your distance?

Professional as an idea is borne out of a kind of isolation. The term suggests a group of experts that can be left alone to self regulate setting their own standards of performance.

I suspect that such a definition of "professional" will continue to be challenged in the future.

All proofessionals will have to learn to embrace the messy power of intimacy.

I think that intimate relationships are not just for sales. The point that Keith is making, and I agree with, is that we should strive for all of our relationships to be deep an intimate. I know what you are saying, that this kind of talk has been most well received by sales and marketing types. After all, building relationships is their life blood. And Keith is suggesting that strong connective relationships are EVERYONE's life bood.

Hi, just found your blog. Some great thoughts and articles. I look forward to reading more from your blog in the future.

It's a nice post over here.

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