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September 07, 2005


Personally, I can't concentrate on one task for long. I get bored and become progressively less effective. I enjoy jumping from task to task - I'm actually energized by the process.

Corey: Each of us will respond to different length chunks. You can do a varierty of tasks each day, but should try to focus on one thing at a time and reduce interruptions and distractions. I get bored easily, too, so I understadn where you are coming from!

In software engineering, we have a principle called Time Boxing which describes a method of working in fixed time periods. A given task is either done at the end of this period or another time slot (on another day) is scheduled to continue.

Have a look at my post on Time Boxing:

Dave: Thanks for the link about Time Boxing, it's a great post!

Wow! This is great stuff. It sounds like chunking and time boxing could work very well together. I've been looking for ways to work more effectively. Eureka!

Cathy - Yep, works like acharm - good luck!

I have to wonder what you were doing when you were "multi-tasking"? Because chunking sounds an awful lot like the same thing with a new name and a slightly hipper gloss.

Erica - if they don't seem different, I did not explain them very well, because there is a big difference. When chunking, you don't leave your email open, you don't take phone calls, and you don't let interruptions occur. When multitasking, we work on lots of things at the same time.

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