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September 06, 2005


As far fetched as the pizza story is, I'd almost buy it because of some of the crazed places that I've intereviewed at. It really seems like something that would have happened at a few of them.

That's not to say it was the only reason he was fired, just that I can believe it because there are some really screwed up companies out there (and the person making the complaint may have been the manager's pet).


Just a brief thank you for your kind mentions of our management site, Our subscriber base continues to grow, in no small part due to kind referrals like yours. We certainly also hope it's because of some real, nitty-gritty value for managers.

Per your discussion about management being in the way: it's certainly partially true. I generally find that the best org structures are flatter. But human nature craves hierarchy - argue all you want, the history of mankind is that groups create their own hierarchies - no company required. Since management isn't going away, and they are unlikely (however lovely the thought) to act as if they are gone, the question is, how they can behave more effectively?


"you and I know that when the Directors and VPs are away at conferences, everything goes MUCH smoother"

Funny, my wife says something very much like that about me when I am on the road!

Great resources, thanks for the post!

Now that I think about it, I get much more writing done when my other half is gone, and I am sure the same hold true when I am on the road. Relationships can messy and intrusive, for sure! But would we want it any other way - no way!

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