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May 24, 2006


If you are into listening to podcasts, you may wish to check out it is a similar service for podcasts.

I, however, don't use either service at present for I have a greater need to figure out how to squeeze 26 hours of listening into one day. ;)

I know others who have tried it and like it though.

Thanks you so much - I've been thinking lately that "they" should build something like this - you just saved my daytime sanity.

Pandora is now plugging in nicely to the squeezebox (, a network music player that will basically replace your cd player in your home stereo. Plus you can read blogs and rss feeds through it too, if you want to totally nerd out while listening to your Fiona Apple channel :-)

Lisa, it's gotta be a kick to be paid to simply listen to music all day - now that's a dream job! I've been a Pandora lover for six months now, and have discovered many new songs and artists that I doubt I could have found any other way. There's a similar service out there, "" ( that's worth a look too - that's more of a "community consensus" service. Great examples of how the internet can enrich our (in this case, musical) lives. Thanks for the post.

Wow, thanks for these suggestions. Also got a couple emails from people. One other suggestion was to check out (Thanks Don!)

"It's gott be a kick to be paid to simply listen to music all day..." Yeah, that would be nice. I guess I do get to do that part of the time and it is cool! But I need the right kind of music to enhance the writing process or it turn out really blah. Moody music help me get out on the edge.

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