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May 31, 2006


You made me realize how much I hate Power Point. It has become a template displayed on a screen.

Then you have all of the animations, slides, dissolves, alternate bullets.


I agree that we should strive to get rid of the clutter and communicate much more effectively. I think even bankers might like a more "zen-like" presentation.

Is there anything else than Power Point as a vehicle? I have digital editing software and I have considered incorporating more video with key presentations.

Maybe I'll offer popcorn as well. You have me thnking about the way we do corporate presentations as a whole. :-)

Eric - I am with you. The PPT animations are annoying beyond comprehension.

A short compelling video might be able to set the right tone.

I like using simple, compelling photos, with no/few words. It does not matter which program you use. The photos should be real - not too marketing-like.

I like using and personal photos in combination.

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