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August 10, 2006


I was looking up the word "laconic" for my daughter's vocabulary assignment. I came accross your article and was thrilled. Your essay made my explaining easy. My daughter clearly understood the full meaning of the word. Your semi-laconic essay was perfect ! Thanks ! Great writing btw.


How nice that my wee piece could help!

Dear Lisa,

Thanks for writing the article! I am interested in knowin what your book entails.

I am also in the transition of attempting to write a book and a FEW (okay, only one) professors have said my writing is not detailed enough, but I disagree and have written some powerful articles, as well as prose and poetry.

I'd enjoy hearing your comments on writing.


This is an excellent article posted on the subject of Meta Writing - On Being Laconic. If you have more articles about that so shared it and Thank you for sharing your information about that so shared article.

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