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November 14, 2006


Hi, Lisa,

Count me in as a reviewer for "The Anatomy of Peace:". . . I have both the interest and the time.

Steve Roesler

Hi Lisa,
If I'm the first I'd take "Lightning in a Bottle"

Lisa- I saw a while back that Ram was coming out with some new titles. Sounds like you have your hands on one. If it is still available I would love to review "Know-How: The 8 Skills that Separate People Who Perform from Those That Don't".

Noticed one of the skills was "Setting laser-sharp priorities that become the road map for meeting your goals." Sounds a lot like another author I know. Thanks for the opportunity. IndianaRoger

If it's available, I'll do the review on Useem's latest.

Awesome - all the books have new homes and new reviewers!

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