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December 23, 2006


Renting a specialty vehicle is an excellent idea. I have had my 2005 Prius for just over a year now. If you fold down the back seat, you can hold a decent haul from Costco. There is a decent tax break for the Prius, or was, I haven't tracked that for 2006/2007.

We've even seen (in Western PA) signs for Prius rentals, which given the purchaser demand locally is suprising. Perhaps you could rent one in your neck of the woods, for a week, and see if you'd really like driving it. I love my Prius, but I don't expect everyone will be as zealous about the car as I. :-)

Yes, the Prius is comfortable. My only complaint is that it does not come in a convertible :-)

A very nice way of looking at transportation. The gradation, Walking or biking more, then public transport (tough one for me, I hate the bus) or my motorcycle, then the car - was good.

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