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January 20, 2007


Microsoft Streets & Trips gives you this ability. I allows you to plan your trip and add stops and areas of interest. Definitely one of the better trip planning products on the market.

Thanks for the suggestion. I just looked it up. Alas, it is only available for PCs and I'm a Mac person. Looks like a great program. I do have a PC laptop I used when I have to, so if I can't find a mac program I may check it out anyway.

Google Earth for Mac I believe will allow an export that is viewable on google maps... I think. It's just plain cool even if it doesn't. :)

I was wondering about this myself a month or so ago: I liked for something like what you want. They even have the ability to plot a multi-stop route. And it's online and can be URL'd for later reference.

I look into these, thanks!


Check out this from Search Engine Journal in a piece titled "Google Maps Multiple Destinations.

"Google has added a new feature to Google Maps which I first experienced when testing out’s AskCity, multiple destination directions."

Wally - Thanks. I am a bit dense sometimes, but I can't seem to figure out how to get to that functionality. I am going to forward it to my husband, who uses google maps more than I do, and see if he can show it to me. If it works, it will be perfect.

Bill helped me figure out how to use google maps and it worked! Here's my map so far:,+OR+to:fargo+to:des+moines,+IA+to:milwaukee+to:chicago+to:new+york,+NY+to:philadelphia,+pa+to:roanoke,+VA+to:Atlanta,+ga+to:ft.+myers,+fl+to:birmingham,+al+to:dallas,+tx+to:albuquerque,+nm+to:denver,+co+to:salt+lake+city,+utah+to:las+vegas+to:San+Francisco,+CA+to:seattle,+wa&sll=37.17628,-98.50676&sspn=48.782642,92.636719&ie=UTF8&z=4&ll=37.160317,-98.701172&spn=48.782642,92.636719&om=1

Google Earth is what you are looking for. The new mac client is excellent. we are using it in the exact same manner you describe for our trip to italy next month...

Kincy - yep, that's what every one tells me. I have done something on google maps, but not google earth yet.

What about buying the Garmin Mapsource software. You can get US street maps for it, and it will even calculate your routes if required. You can use it without a GPS unit, but then of course you will not get real-time mapping, but it does support saving waypoints and points of interest (your "Pins"). They are available for the Mac.

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