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January 23, 2007


I think the problem with most people is, they view "1) how to books, 2) motivation, and 3) advice" as the final answer rather than using them as catalysts, tools or systems for reaching solutions.

That's only true of some "how-to" books. It's just like with cookbooks. There are very good ones and not so good.

For example: Julia Child told me "how to" make a great crepe. She's pretty good at everything in her many "how to" books. Not all cookbooks are nearly as reliable and some are awful.

I can name books and workshops just as good (and specific) in management writing. I'm sure you and others can as well. If you want "how to" help you need to get a good recommendation.

I'm thrilled about the Tesla as well. I had posted about it a while back after seeing it in GQ magazine.

It takes the right mix of theory and action to get things done. The right "how to" or motivation book can serve as an effective catalyst but sometimes the real battle is the challenge of change resistance. People become sometimes skeptical and resistant of "How Tos" and fish stories after seeing them change out with leadership regimes ... Here we go again type of mentalities. I appreciate when leadership distrubutes a book that has caught their fancy and lets the rest of the leadership team read and evaluate. Does this fit our vision and align well with the organization? Great Let's roll with it. If not... Let's look elsewhere.

And very cool eco-ride Lisa!

Yes, I agree with you all - it's about how we select and used the information. And employees can sniff another philosophy of the month coming a mile a way.

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