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February 28, 2007


Here's a suggestion from the article that's a little less wimpy.

"Ideally, though, employers should take special care when it comes to hiring employees... so that those who are really low on agreeableness, emotional stability or conscientiousness are screened out."

It's still slightly wimpy because they included the cop out words "ideally" and "employers." They should have said "Obviously" and "HR" since this was for an HR magazine. I mean if HR can't reliably screen out people with terrible attitudes... who needs them?

I agree! I think we ought to screen potential future bad apples out lickity split. Gone. gonzo. Never makes it to round two.

It's a 'bad apple' season! Jodi Taylor made a post yesterday on our blog, Leader's Notebook, with some more suggestions for dealing with bad apples. Take a look:

Aaron - cool, thanks for sharing the link.

Lisa, Felps and Mitchell started quite a storm of discussion about options for dealing with 'bad apples.'

Their effects can spread like a virus. Fortunately, high morale and positive collaboration can spread just as fast and far!

Thanks, Blaine, and I agree, positive energy is contageous too.

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