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March 27, 2007


Don't forget the effect of movies (the Turistas DVD promises 30 extra minutes too gruesome to be shown in theaters).

But back to blogs... I am constantly amazed that the blogs don't publish and enforce a code for commenters. I've exchanged some thoughts (that protect free speech for almost everyone and allow those who don't like being personally attacked to be safe). It should be done and it can be done.

I used to produce talk shows and you can bet I had rules for callers (I screened crazies, bores, and jerks). Yes we also had bullet proof glass.

Laurence - I agree that there are things we can do to both encourage open dialogue and reinforce positive participation. It's inevitable, I suppose, that we are having this conversation in the blogosphere, but also tragic and somewhat preventable.

And this kind of stuff affects us all. I have to admit that I thought twice about writing this rather tame post.

I am amazed that so many smart bloggers tolerate abusive comments when they agree with the abuser's politics.

BTW I've seen my share of those abusive letters where each word is cut out from some magazine and glued to the page. It's not pleasant and incidents do occur. Take care.

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