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April 15, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY , Wish you all the best!

Wow! Thank you for giving that gift to us on your birthday.

Happy Birthday!

Thanks Jeylan! Thanks Ian!

Lisa -

Happy birthday lady! You deserve all the best today and enjoy...maybe a ride on Hazel?

Re: the flapping, it's absolutely amazing. After I met you last spring in California and started flapping via my blog about a year ago, things snowballed.

Now I'm blogging for several other sites, met my future employer via blogging, and just organized, with two other great guys I met via online networks, the first international Health 2.0 event in Amsterdam.

You are amazing - keep flapping!

Jen - what a great example. Alas, no ride with Hazel, the weather here in Seattle has been COLD and drizzly and positively Seattle Gray. Soon, I hope.

Dear Lisa,

Excellent article...Belated Birthday wishes to you & I hope that everynew day of your life, shall bring forward beautiful insights for us.

Just to share, a similar kind of theory is postulated by the Book "The Tipping Point"...It calls about Spreading "Social Epidemic" & how it can change the course of life/business for many. It also discusses the naunces of spreading the Butterfly Effect, by postulating the personalities of "Mavericks", "Mavens" & "Salesman". Excellent book & your contempary..


Best Regards,


This is fascinating, inspired by Ray Bradbury's the Sound of Thunder, I am writing a paper for my local Unitarian church (in Hampstead London England)about the butterfly effect and how small actions can make amazing differences. I love the idea of the butterfly flaps in the context of past flaps, future flaps, flaps that are occuring now i.e. live with the flaps you can hear now. Does that make sense? I'm done. Thank you

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