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June 01, 2008


nice comments...bravo arnel

The most stunning effect of Arnel's continuously flapping his wings to survive is the hope that people is now seeing. The light at the end of the tunnel! Specially for Filipinos who, since time in memorial only depend on hope and promise of better tomorrow. Yes, a small flap of butterfly's wing can change the weather and change the world. Arnel's flapping change the attitude and outlook of people.

I think Arnel Pineda's story is inpirational,and it shows kindness from the journey band for
not looking at Arnel's physical but rather talent and the bands love to the music and fans who continious to support and watch them on live concert. Cheers to the four of you,and the new,Arnel Pineda! God Bless Always!

It's nice to read real life inspirational stories like this esp. at a time like this when our world is all about instant gratification. The fact that it synchronized so smoothly how their lives would cross paths - Journey trying to resolve their personal & band issues while Arnel living and shaping up to be the character and talent that he is now - it's so unreal. Thanks for the post!

I saw Journey last night in San Diego...All I can say is This man can sing...he has the energy and he is anispiration to all Filipinos.
My wife is a Pinay and she encouraged me to take her...I wasn't I know...Don't Stop Belivin'

Arnel's story is an inspiration to many. Never stop believing and your dreams will come true. Thanks for this encouraging post.

Why "Journey" chooses Arnel Pineda as lead singer, he is still too young to be the leader of this interesting band.

He's great. It's good that his life changed now after taking the lead on the band.

Good job Arnel!

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