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July 22, 2009


What a practical and useful article. You lay everything out here quite nicely. I really like how you pointed out that "Often, a complaint is really a second or third attempt to share and be heard."

One technique that I think is good to use with complaints though is that every complaint must be presented with a possible solution.

There are number of good reasons for this. (1) It makes the "complainer" (I know that sounds's not intended to) think critically about what they are really upset, angry, etc. about.

(2) It helps the leader act more quickly in resolving the complaint as the proposed solution can either be immediatly adopted or used as a starting point to find another solution.

(3) It also leads to more buy-in with the person who brings up the complaint (assuming their proposal, or a modified version of it, is adopted). Think how much pride a person feels when they create a major, positive change in an organization. A leader will feel alot of pride, but that is all in a day's work for him or her (they are the leader afterall). But, for somebody low on the "totem poll" the amount of pride (and thus "buy-in") increases dramatically.

Again, good, practical post,


Usually complaints handle by higher authority and they only listen to about the lower authority,how can they handle the complaints?

i like to no more.

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