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January 31, 2010


Good points even though it is sometimes hard to listen to critics. I have found in my academic writing that my biggest areas of growth were in developing responses to those who were naysayers to what I was proposing.

Thanks, Jeffrey. I am not suggesting that we live int he mand of the negative and I don't even think of it as negative. As you say, inviting a challenge is about developing your thinking and sometimes the best way to do our best thinking is to put our thinking through the paces - testing it for ourselves.

Great article. I think you bring up an important point of inviting people you know will disagree into the discussion. Often times we talk about brainstorming possible objections that people may have to our ideas but often this is done in silos. Therefore, we often have a group of the "choir" determining if and how the preacher's message falls short of its intention. Sorry for the religious metaphor. Kind of hard for that group to be objective. While we may all consider ourselves to be good self-critics more often than not it takes a truly objective voice to bring us back to earth. Thanks again!

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