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May 27, 2010


Great post Lisa. Both Sage & Hip! :)

I attended your Sage & Hip presentation yesterday and couldn't help but think about your comments yesterday with respect to letting the people in an organization know how much you'd like to work with - and learn from - them. If you're a manager who really subscribes to that philosophy then it should make the "managing-up" process that much more effective! Thanks for the post. I look forward to the next one!

Thanks, Brad, you are right. In fact, if I had my head on completely, I would have ALSO recommended that we express our interest in helping the boss be successful, too. Imagine the impact that would have!

interesting post! i think some of the team members are a bit intimidated by you and may not hear your intent

I'm not sure I agree with "Great managers manage by walking around". For a lot of people, that's a sign that your boss is unproductive and/or micromanaging. I do agree, however, that a good boss must have open lines of communication and accessible at any time.

I’m not sure about this really but I do have an open mind.

I always wanted to know about this, excellent.

Very usefull roadtrip tips… I have made some of the same mistakes they describe in the article and would have appreciated this article before I went off on my trip.

My boss told me today that I should learn to "manage up" your article was helpful in defining this.

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