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June 23, 2010


Great post. Yup, I totally agree that a management team should be united. But who unites them?
I used to be the unit manager of a Waffle House. On my days off, my district manager ran my store - He had his way of doing things; I had my way.
As a new manager, I was sticking to the (very outdated) job description I was given. The district manager had been in the business for a long time and sort of developed his own job description.
Corporate folks did not seem to be concerned about the lack of consistency - maybe they weren't even aware of it (though other stores had inconsistency problems as well).
I developed a platform that enables companies to create a private social network for their managers (to discuss issues such as consistency). It hasn't caught on yet, but I'm hopeful it will in the future...
Another thought: My husband is a lifeguard at a pool over the summer. Each year, the kids at the pool quickly figure what they can get away with when lifeguard A is on duty vs. lifeguard B... Consistency is very important!

Excellent comments, Anna. I agree, there needs to be some way - practices, processes, communication tools - that helps managers get and keep on the the same page.

And! Senior leaders need to make it important and a priority.

My thought is....
"I am traveling in a small town in middle Ohio (redundant?)"

What does that mean? Kind of feels like a dig, directed at small town America (or at least Ohio).

Consistent, united, important... they all represent concepts that seem too big to be very helpful. Maybe if you said managers need to be consistent on how they respond to 3 things, or ... it would start to get more interesting.

I also thought the example you presented had an interesting 2nd take on it. When should employees side with a customer vs side with management, and what are the financial ramifications of either choice? And should they do that consistently? ;) sorry just having some fun with you on that one. Thanks for writing the blog.

I'm sitting here on my couch in the living room (redundant?) wondering what Rodney means by "too big to be very helpful"...

You got so many points here, that's why i love reading your blog. Thank you so much!

Leaders will always have different styles,but it's the results we care about right?

Did the server make a sale? Did the patron storm out and make a scene?

The manager is expected to have a range of reactions available to respond with, as long as the end goal of sustainably profitably satisfying customers is met.

Great article - thanks for bringing up the topic!


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