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December 07, 2010


HR has lost its mojo, and has become a risk mitigation cost center. How to fix it? HR should focus on creating "employers of choice." This means a ton more attention to recruiting and development. Kill the HR logjams of hyper-documentation and performance review administration. Instead, focus on the value of recruiting and developing capital.

Hi Andy, yes, performance reviews are crap anyway, IMHO.
The subtitle to the 'KnowHR Blog' in my google reader feed reads "HR's Big Job? Help Managers Be Better Managers" - I like that.

Andy and Anna, thanks for your comments. I think it might be a good question to ask, in what ways can we make the biggest impact? Nearly all of the HR folks I know are smart, hard working, creative, and willing. We have defined how the work gets done to sub-optimize impact in some situations.

I agree with the comments too.

I'd be interested to know how people are defining "HR" and "HR work" for this conversation. What is it that HR people are doing too much or not enough of?

One conversation that I don't think happens in HR departments nearly enough is "What are we here to do, and what does it look like to do it well?"

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