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January 06, 2011


Wally, this article explains the individuals I work with. I think the keyword throughout your blog is respect. Co-workers need to respect others differences. Once respect is in place, workplace electricity forms.

This article is so true. Working with people from different parts of the country and across the generational divides, I find I'm always reminding myself that we all have different perspectives and backgrounds. If you are aware and open to new ways of thinking there can be some great synergy! Thanks for the post.

Interesting post. I've read a post about overdependent employees and employees who tend to isolate themselves. You need to change these behaviors when you know you'll be in a team. Overdependent employees can be annoying and can distract you from doing your job well. You need to be someone whom your co-workers can count on. I agree with Chuck, you need to be aware of your differences and learn to respects their practices or beliefs. Respect them and they will respect you, too.

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