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January 24, 2011


Interesting comment regarding virtual presentations. My company is spread out over the U.S. and virtual meetings are a necessity. It's even easier to lose your audience when they're at their own computer at home or work.

Good post!

Thanks,Lisa for spreading the word about my book, and Gorilla (I assume that's a family name) virtual meetings are a fact of live, but 90% of people who lead them are never given any practice or coaching before inflicting them on innocent people. Hence the book. I hope you enjoy it. Lisa, can't wait to get you back on the Cranky Middle Manager show when your book is out!

Gorilla and Cranky: OK, that's all I got, I just wanted to write gorilla and cranky in the same phrase. Seriously, thanks for the comments and for reaffirming the importance of a good virtual presence.

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