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June 10, 2011


Very kind of you to discuss my post, Lisa! I don't think much about ownership, but I'm starting to chew on it in different ways recently. Seeing you use the concept is very helpful. Thanks! Bret

Bret - Ownership is a word that drives me a little crazy at times. When we are talking about ourselves - I like the notion of owning our intentions. This term gets a lot more cloudy, however, when we talk about creating ownership in OTHERS. I hear this a lot from managers. Ownership is not something we can manage into people. Ownership is a personal choice. Managers can 1)hold people accountable and they can 2) create work environments that support ownership. These are two different things.

Your post struck me as directed to each of us as individuals and performers and very much about the power of ownership.

I think that's a great list, but all (including #8) have a big flaw:

You have to want to be responsible before you can take any of these steps.

In thinking about employees and our children, none of these steps do anything to move them towards taking responsibility unless they first want responsibility.

For example, many kids and employees don't care to be trusting or trustworthy.

So how do we get them to want it??

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