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October 04, 2011


Thanks Lisa and Alexandra – you opened a lovely new segue into that “toppled and transformed everything.” My favorite myth here is #8. - You won’t get laid off, you’re too essential.
You are so right that folks - “need to be able to recognize when you’re on the chopping block and take active steps to prevent a bad outcome.”
Very insightful insights here – worth chewing on even more. Would you agree also though, that that shift (chopping block experience) can be the launching pad of innovative outcomes that can rarely happen for folks in traditional organizations? Thoughts?
Much food for thought here - appreciated.

Thanks for sharing.

I particularly like #7 ("It's not me, it's the organization!), and would admit to being guilty of this at times.

Ellen - I absolutely agree that this type of experience can be catalytic. All the more reason to get "real" about it and get active in reinventing a new reality - whether inside or outside the current organization.

Tim - yes, I think we all have been on the causing end of themes of disaster. That might be a bit dramatic, but I can recall many times that an applicant has gone through his or her career history repeating how bad each boss was. Really, you had that many bad bosses? Not likely. (Hint: for those of you who are interviewing for jobs, don't do this, because it will make the recruiter RUN the other way). Problems don't follow people, people pack up and take them with them.

I have experienced Myth #9 first hand. I worked in the corporate environment for 20 years. Then I built my own business and sold it after 10 years. Both opportunities had plenty of advantages and disadvantages. I never worked for anyone that expected me to work as hard as I did. I enjoyed you article

I love the myth #5! It’s best to climb the ladder as fast as possible... I think that way because i want to rush everything as fast as possible because talent can rush for being promoted to every positions you want to take.

This is a fantastic Blog Post and will surely link to it. It would have been easier to find had you called it The 10 Myths Of Business. Thank you very much.

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