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October 16, 2011


Interesting post, I think I agree. However, how many directs that are individual contributors are able to think in these terms - in my experience, not many. If you have managers reporting to you, it is certainly reasonable since they have been on both sides. Great food for thought.

I definitely agree with the statement "we can only control one person - ourselves." People can only strive to put forward their best work and let everything else take its course. Thanks for sharing this article!

I think its important to give your best in each field.And then each one has its own point of view to a particular thing so boss will have a different opinion of your work and will correct you which will be good for us only.

Thanks. Fortunately, I have a great boss that is very good at leadership.

Your work is so amazing and I am so privileged to be reading it.

Very good advice and very valuable.

That said, isn't it sad that bosses cause all this stress. The common problem is that they don't understand what leadership is. What is it exactly? -

Secondly, they don't realize that using the right techniques any manager can create highly motivated,, highly committed, fully engaged employees literally loving to come to work and being >300% more productive than if poorly motivated.

Thirdly, they don't realize that the standard, widely used authoritarian approach to managing people naturally demotivates and demoralizes people, quite the opposite of what's needed.

And finally, they don't understand what motivates us, all of us. The scientific research of psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan discovered what that is -

Best regards, Ben
Leadership is a science and so is engagement

This idea started off as very abstract, but I really appreciate the example you gave. It helped to bring it all together in my mind. I believe you're right!

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