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January 30, 2012


This is so true about mental garbage. Therefore, it's such a blessing to "take out the mental trash" and be done with it. The negative internal chatter can really impede our progress.

I have heard that with human emotions basically there is only love and fear. And getting rid of the mental garbage allows the love, joy, happiness, belief, etc. to shine through.

Mental garbage! Wow. Need to show this to some of my students. Definitely enlightening. Thank you.

Thanks for your comments. Greg, "take out the mental trash" - love that. I can hear a country song coming on....

Does makes sense, True Story, I agree that this is really happening.

i think this is best post regarding management i like it dear. it's contains valuable information.

Totally agree. Whats you approach to get ride of this mental garbage?

Mental garbage is such a great expression. So simple and profound at the same time. You probably need one more box about sub-conscious garbage... the stuff that holds us back that we are not mentally conscious of yet is there nonetheless. They are still accessible but through other means.

I appreciate your post which you have put in this blog. It's really very important for us. keep posting as well great work.

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