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May 14, 2012


Who knew..Great post and message, Lisa

Verry useull info, thanks.

No matter which point one is now in his/her life, one should not lose his or her youth. With youth comes a sort of fearlessness about life, an idealism and a passion that sadly diminishes as we grow older.

Ya this is very helpful post I think it will be helpful for the people who searching for management, by the way what is Basic role of management. If want to know more about management pls click heremanagement

I think when we are young we don’t need to be encouraged by someone to do something as you mentioned, we are fearless n feel free and do whatever we want to... Well this is my personal opinion anyone can differ with it.

I think that confidence is enough for most of the challenges we face today. "Courage" is a strong word and emotion, while confidence describes a way of looking at life and your role in it.

this is awesome, i love your posts... especially this one!

Jag älskar dina inlägg

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