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June 15, 2012


The essence of management did change as we hired more and more knowledge workers. Now, your assets leave the office at the end of the day and as you stated, your job is to develop your assets, invest in them, train them. Management and dare I say it, leadership, is more important than ever.

I agree with this, I feel that more-so than ever that the goal isn't to have a certain cookie-cutter format to managing people at work, but instead it is important to adapt and invest in your people. Employees these days are highly educated and it is important to make them feel that way, governing them in the old ways of management is obsolete. Becoming a leader and finding new ways to keep your employees on track for a project and helping them be as productive as they realistically can be should be the new goal to management.

Great blog. Not only is it easy to undervalue 'management' it's easy to forget that what our employees tell us they want (and want very badly) is to be effectively managed. Of course they are unlikely to to actually say 'I want to be managed' but what employees consistently ask for is; a) clarity around expectations b)honest feedback and c) respect (I've written more on this here

So yes, long live management - and let's give our employees the management they want and need

Excellent post, great insight, and lots to think about.

Thanks for sharing.

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