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June 17, 2012


Very true. All things exist in multiple positions and it is not until you assign a position to them that they exist in that plain. Like the martial artist that says, "I can punch through the board because I believe the board is not there".

Right ON! I am a firm believer in what we call "reframing" and I believe that lines right up with your rose colored glasses idea. If nothing else choosing to see things in a positive light lowers our own personal stress levels, but I also believe that it changes the environment of a situation and opens the door for positive change.

For any number of reasons, which we will soon see, we may encounter a different culture. This is not always the case!

Well said. It is a two way street though. If your outlook is bleak, short minded, and futile, you will have a result like that. If optimistic and willing to try and fail in order to improve is your mindset, the results will be a bit more favorable. Silver linings lead to better things every time.

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