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July 26, 2012


What a fine experiment to conduct. The beekeeper I work with is also a Philosophy professor at the University of Manitoba. His Master's thesis was on: Do Bee Think? I loved one of his conclusions: honeybees demonstrate intention without consciousness. I think most of us can benefit by keeping our thinking more aligned with intention rather than self-consciousness.

Sometimes you have to let loose and forget what people think. That includes gas. My yoga instructor doesn't bat an eye when it happens. It happens more to girls in the class than the guys actually. Good for you for getting past it and trying what you want to.

I think self-consciousness keeps on working in sub-conscious of some people. you are walking to the market and looking here n there if people are staring at you? while no one is, even you know no one is noticing you, you keep on thinking someone is...these are self created assumptions while what actual is, as you mentioned in the end that people think about you less than you are assuming. So don't care about people and do what you like without taking any tension.

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