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August 12, 2012


We are absolutely responsible for each others success! We have to help others along our path to greater success. Great job here

Great post, I'll be reading your post on Dysfuntion Reverberates next! :D

This is great idea! Having all of the leaders sit down and write out what they need to do/work on, and make a commitment to it is a wonderful way of getting everyone involved and ready to acknowledge their roles. It also allows for them to see that they are not alone, and everyone can help everyone else out. Thanks for sharing this letter!

Such a Great Idea, we will do our best to do the same. As a song goes "We're all in this together" that being said we should take note of our trials and errors and at the same time our success. In that way we share something beautiful to one another and that improves our work life. Great Post!

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