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August 05, 2012


What a story of grace in action here Lisa, and thanks for your kind words also. It strikes me as I consider your examples that we do run hard, win some and trip lots! Maybe that last one is more about me than others :-)

Yet I leap and dance to your reminders of what clears the way through as leaders and what holds us back.

Some time ago I began to see this story you told so well here in light of how the human brain is fueled and oiled by our inner voice. I mean - really reframed for a far better look EXACTLY as you stated so well in your compelling reminder to all of us:

"I will be the first to admit that this idea is not always easy to manifest. It is human to feel regret, anguish, defensiveness, and envy when things don't go as we hope. And if we can quickly get beyond these human responses and transition to another very human response - dogged determination - we will thrive and change our worlds."

Like you, I think about this often - and hopefully this week will be talking myself into an "even more effective action whenever possible."

Guess I owe you for that privilege, Lisa! Thanks!

Lisa, I value your answer to Ellen's question. I'm also a doer and take risks as you do. You a leader who puts forth extraordinary effort

I have the privilege of working with Ellen Weber. Interestingly, she told me that she makes it a practice to ask herself a question every night before she goes to bed to give her brain a chance to work on her problems while she sleeps. Invariably, she has unique "aha's." Asking questions is second nature to Ellen because she starts with herself. Her mind goes in different directions than most people's and it is an adventure to see what she might come up with next. She turns other people's notions upside down. ;-D

Ellen and Robyn - Great way to build on the idea, thanks so much and for your kind words. I love the idea of asking a question before bed - I think I will give that a try. It also strikes me that Ellen's post of 50 questions also demonstrates the power of asking, "what if I..." and then following that up with action. So many people "what if" a lot but never DO. Let's all try upping the percentage of "what ifs" we make so this week.

Lisa, that's a challenge I'll step up to. Truly, it's how you move from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary as you stated.

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