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October 01, 2012


Hi Lisa. I agree, being unstoppable means being the best we can be and it so cool thinking your the boss.

Yes, I certainly like the idea of being unstoppable. Some days I'm ready for the work and others I can't summon the energy. Luckily the former is true far more often than the later.

Hi Lisa.
I guess, we all like the idea very much and as you put it if seems like "the best we can be".

In the midst of all this - a thoughtful break at the right time needs even more courage. The courage to reflect, to listen, to evaluate where we stand in a project, where the other stakeholders are, how the various risks have changed and if we really are "smelling" all this. This must be what you call "sniff out barriers"... just wanted to point out this aspect a little bit.

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