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October 10, 2012


Dearest Lisa -- What a perfect blog to end a crazy day -- THANKS!

One little gal loves to play and the other guy enjoys taking risks -- I am laughing at all they teach us about how to meet and progress together in new ways that work better for all!

Your own unique leadership - that risks and plays and changes what’s broke and cares -- emulates all that will happen if that hot webinar goes as planned because of the brainpower gathered there tomorrow. If it models what really happens in the human brain – we’ll all pull it off together because we met.

Let's you and I take a mindful lesson today from these little cuties in your photos -- and let's play, and risk and care and move in the wonderful moments we've been given together with others who’ll also move forward.

That delightful abandonment to focus on the present (as only play can offer) - in itself opens doors for Einstinian opportunities. Lisa – thanks for your support and encouragement - I see the brains tomorrow harnessed to help us all move in new ways that reach beyond the hassles to live more of the ahas.

Hope you can join us to help make it happen:-) Stay blessed friend! Ellen

Thanks, Ellen. Leave it to you to find a delightful connection between dogs, life, working, and meetings. Here's another great connection - dogs are perfect meeting companions. They have an uncanny ability to sniff out BS and nudging us to finish up and take them for a walk. Our BSing brains need more blood pumping through our gray matter sometimes.

Thank you Lisa for the nice comments. We just lost our dog that we had for eleven years about a month ago as well so I know how hard that is....congratulations on your new addiitions.

Really a very nice blog..I enjoyed reading it a lot.

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