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January 01, 2013


I haven't followed your blog for long, but I liked your posts enough to include them in my RSS feed. Only a select few get through! I am sorry but I don't know your story, but reading through your reasons for discontinuing your blog prompted me to comment.

I just wanted to wish you well for the future, I think it's a definitive moment when you really get your priorities right, and like most of us, it's often in the face of great adversity that we do so.

I always feel helpless for others when life throws tragic and unexpected spears. At the risk of being idealistic, I would urge you to bring all of your knowledge of leadership and keep open to all possibilities, no matter how hard that may sound.

My very best prayers and wishes to you.



Thank you for so very much. I love that you live your values and priorities and have loved all your contributions. I really like this last post. Thank you David

I was fortunate enough to chat with you, have you work with me on a project, and review one of your books. You are an amazing person!! I wish you all the best and you know you have nothing but great karma coming your way!!

Thanks for the support and kind words - it means a lot! I have always felt that it is a privilege to earn a spot in anyone's regular reading list. Time is so precious and it is a gift when people read my work. Thanks so much.

Lisa - thanks for sharing in this way for so very long. I have been repeatedly blessed by your insight. I wish you only good things and the freedom to continue to be yourself wherever you land.


Thanks, Rich, you have been a part of this blog for many years, thanks so much.

I really like this article; straight to the point and the truth staring right at your face!

I really like this article; straight to the point and the truth staring right at your face!

I find your blog recently and like your post very much. I have always learned new thing from your experience and knowledge which you show in your posts but now I will miss this.
Anyways wish you all the best in your life.

Lisa, you have continuously inspired me over the years, with your writing, your management mana'o, and with your personal choices most of all. Mahalo nui loa for giving us such a strong, and clear example. I am thrilled to know about this 2013 choice of yours - malama pono.

Only you could have condensed all the wisdoms of Management Craft into such a succinct posting! This is my favorite point of the 5:

2. Management is a social act – it occurs in conversation.



I have admired your work from afar for quite some time now.

While I am sorry to see your blog not make the top priority cut in your life, I understand why it didn't and applaud your setting of boundaries that make sense for you. Thank you for all you've done to advance the art and science of management.

I wish you the best in your future journey.

I am sorry to hear of your illness. When you said you were making the last blog post I thought you probably had a busier schedule or something like that.

I know that while I and others visit, we will be enriched by what we find here. I hope that the knowledge you have shared will edify people in leadership at all levels- whether they are young or old.

All the best for the future.

Rosa, wow we go back in the blogging world, eh? Thanks so much for your kind words and for friendship through the years.

Mary Jo - Thanks for your thoughts and I have enjoyed reading your work!

Kimone and Julie - thanks for reading and for your kind thoughts!

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