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February 15, 2014


Good Morning Lisa,
Congratulations on your book!
As a Doctoral student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, who has been researching employee engagement and well-being for several years now, your recent “Love” postings caught my attention. As you know, while the love language will certainly be difficult to use in some organizations, and not even welcomed in many organizations, the benefits of the message are clear. I’m sure you address in your book that the “Love” is not just a “soft, touchy feely nice to have” but in fact, when the “Love” doesn’t exist in an organization, that organization incurs hard costs that they may not even be aware of. The organizational hard costs are not just productivity losses, but can and do include health care costs from employees seeking medical care because of a toxic leader.
Recently, I been extending my thinking on this topic and have concluded that the issue is even more than dollars and cents, it is an ethical issue. Organizations that permit toxic leaders to retain their roles are enabling the spread of multi-level damage (individual, team, organization, and community). When employees seek medical care and have to get on prescription medication in order to function because of his/her manager, that is not only a financial loss, a human loss, it is also an ethical issue that organizations need to wrestle with.
Best of luck with your book! I look forward to reaching that milestone myself in the future.
Dale Hartz

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