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March 15, 2014


Lisa, I really appreciate your use of the word “resonance” to describe meaningful conversations. I like that you discuss the importance of having an impact on others, not just in the here and now, but for all future actions.

I also appreciate that you brought up how important timing is and if people are ready to hear your message. I have learned to read people and to bite my tongue when I know someone isn’t ready to listen. Sometimes people are so focused on their own agenda that their blinders blind them from the big picture. Like you, I wait for the right time to have that conversation.

The most important aspect in my work is people. Their needs, desires, and tasks on their plates trump everything I do. People are more important than any task I do. Ultimately, they are the most important to focus on. Without those personal connections and skills, you blend into the background and become a follower instead of a leader. Thanks for the excellent post!

Wonderful post! Being clear on our values can keep us anchored when the situation around us is falling apart. It can keep us in touch with our authentic selves, with who we are and, most important of all, with who we want to become in our ongoing development as both human and spiritual beings.

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